There are plenty of less exciting, behind the scene jobs which are very important and take a lot of time, effort and funds to achieve. We have 2 natural springs on our land. We use the higher one. The lower one feeds our neighbour; his water comes from this beautiful source, by a very happy, huge horse chestnut tree. The dogs like to bathe in this pool in hot weather.


One of the first jobs after moving in was setting up a water treatment system as our the water was deemed unsafe to drink. Matt installed an ultraviolet steriliser so now we have beautiful tasting, bacteria free water at the house.


We also had to buy a new water tank which is much bigger than the old one; it stores 10 cubic metres of water. The old tank was cracked and leaking, and as it was buried underground, was probably where the bacteria was breeding. The new tank is higher up so we have better water pressure now and is being clad to protect it from the elements.

Matt and Bob have also built a block and concrete tank on the terrace above the poly tunnel to store water for animals and watering vegetables. This large 20 metre cube tank only gets topped up when our house tank is full so assuring the house gets priority. Matt also wants to clad this; good job we have our own wood!


Next fun job; Installing a new, huge septic tank!