Veggie patch & polytunnel


So you may have realised by now that we don't do anything by halves! Our veggie patch is not going to be small... we hope to grow all of our own vegetables for the whole year. Matt has fenced 2 whole terraces for this purpose. The fencing is electric and the purpose is to keep the wild boar out, rather than sheep in, which is it's current use. First Matt uses the digger to dig over the land and then tops it with the rotavator. At the moment (Dec 2015) he is erecting the poly tunnel which is 18m x 7m, and we hope to sew the first seeds in January.


He will order a whole years worth of seeds that are Bio and non-hybrid so we are able to collect viable seeds each year for the following year.

Jan 2016; Seeds are here and we have started planting! So exciting! We have the seeds of some really interesting varieties of every sort of vegetable and salad. It will be trial and error for the first year but we can't wait to have our own vegetables.

The boys built the doors from wood cut by Luka. They have been making the planting tables etc. Dani is chief gardener and is devising the planting plan for the year and developing the lay out of the poly tunnel. Both Dani and Luka have lots of experience with growing produce so we are very lucky to have them here.

Kids "helping"

Kids "helping"


Update Aril 2016.... Things are growing fast! Loving the variety of salad leaves at the moment!

June 2016;

Lots to harvest now, thanks to Dani's efforts; we have 3 different varieties of peas, broad beans, cauliflower, various broccoli, chard, kale, carrots, heaps of different salad leaves, kohlrabi, coriander.