Woodworking at La Taillede

Our gites are now completed and we are very proud of how they have turned out, particularly as we did nearly everything ourselves, all using wood from our own forest. Having decided to fell, saw and plane all the wood here it is very rewarding to see the finished product.

Now we have completed the majority of the renovation, we are looking for ideas of what to make next but we also thought it was a good idea to take a moment and put together some of the photos of the last 4 years or woodworking here at La Taillede.

So far we have made everything from roof beams to cheese boards with with everything from tables, kitchen units, a hot tub and even trophies for the Bearman Ironman, a local race created by our friends.

We are now looking for new projects to keep our workshop running so if you are interested in anything we have already made or have some ideas please let us know. We might even be interested in running woodworking holidays where you can come and learn how to make something, or perhaps you would like to come and help us with felling and hauling wood out of the forest? That would be great!

To see more have a look at our woodworking page on the website.