Goat fencing; now a priority!


So today I have pulled both goats off the trampoline (while Olea was on it!), off the table, out of the wendy house and the car; twice and off the roof of the land rover. I have stopped them eating Olea's olive tree (planted when she was born at our last house, as she is named after an olive tree), our white currant plants, iris's, but the last straw was when they both got up on the roof! Matt doesn't want to have to fix broken tiles up there so we need a solution quick, before Clochette becomes a brochette!

At last; the goats are now enclosed in a large paddock right above the house which they like as they are close to us. They have a mobile shelter which can be moved easily with the tractor forks... and they like to sit in it. We will still take them for regular walks with the dogs and visit them for cuddles which Josephine in particular really likes!