Disaster strikes in the chicken pen


We have had 2 separate attacks on the chickens; the first killed 2 grey chickens; eating one and leaving the other. Matt reinforced the base of the run and we moved it closer to us. The second time whatever it was killed the cockerel and 2 hens (1 white and 1 brown), eating only 1 of them. I was particularly fond of the cockerel as we 'bonded' when I was treating his bottom from being hen-pecked! I tried to be brave about his passing, but failed miserably. We are not sure what it is, but probably something from the weasel family. It must have scaled a 3m high fence to get to them last time. So for now our 7 hens are in a small outside run, with no way of anything getting in from above or beneath, and even has electric fencing all around the outside!

We also have a broody hen sitting on 4 eggs in a separate pen and she seems to be safe, but we will move her right up to the house.

We have ordered a trap so hope to catch the bugger, and we are thinking of getting a collie for a longer term solution, so they can be free range. Our neighbour has a male puppy they are happy to give to us who will obviously need training but probably the best solution.