Walk to the river

This is a short walk to some pools in the river below La Taillede. It’s a short walk, just under 2.5km each way.

At the river there are several small pools to cool off in. It’s a good walk on a hot day as most of it is under trees and by the river it is always cool.



Head down to the playground and then turn left by the La Taillede signpost.

Follow the track along until you come to a fork. Take the track to the right. If you get to a large rock in the middle of the path before the open forestry track you have gone the wrong way.

Head through the forest until you meet the forestry track. Cross it and continue down through the forest until you arrive at the road.

Turn left on the road and walk along about 100m until you find the track on the right hand side of the road. Take this track back into the forest and follow it down to the river.

The track ends but just before it on the right a footpath descends down to the pools.

10Km loop from La Taillede

A nice route through the forest, leaving from and returning to La Taillede.

The route is nearly all on forestry tracks apart from one small section on the way back which is a narrow footpath. So you could mountain bike this although for that small section you may need to carry your bike.


Set off from La Taillede and walk down the track past the pond on your left and turn left by the La Taillede sign.

Continue straight ahead until you reach a fork in the track.

Take the left fork.

Take the left fork.

Take the left hand fork here, shortly afterwards you pass a large rock and then join a wide forestry access track. Take the left hand route, going uphill.

Note: If you take the right hand fork it's just a longer route, you rejoin the forestry track lower down the hill.

Continue uphill on this track to 3.3km when you will see a junction:


When you come to a big right hand bend with a earth barrier ahead, turn right and continue up the hill.

Note: If you go past this barrier and follow the track straight ahead you will come back to La Taillede.

At 4.5km you come to a forestry gate, Go through this.