The departure of Yan & Lucia


Yesterday our nomadic friends, Yan & Lucia left their temporary home deep in the forest here at La Taillede. They are going to take 3 months to walk to the gipsy festival in St Marie de La Mer (a 3 hour car ride). They are taking with them their 2 Norweigan Fjord ponies, 3 dogs, 2 pregnant goats, 5 chickens, 3 dogs and a cat. They are leaving the 3 donkeys here with us for now, and will come back for them in 8 or 9 months.

The first part of the journey did not go well. Clara, the female horse, was reluctant to pull her carriage and was stuck in the forest. Thor, the stronger horse, managed to pull his 2 carriages up on to our main track, but then he took off full speed down the track, with 2 carriages attached as Yan didn't have time to put the break on. Thor was stopped by both carriages falling over; one of those carriages contained the chickens but no one was hurt. Luka & Robson brought down the welder & generator and quickly fixed the damaged carriage, Thor pulled Clara's carriage out of the forest and they were on their way again.

Camp 1 was by the beautiful chapel in Corsavy. We helped get the goats down there and all had a drink together by the fire; a relief for them to be on their way.

Today they had a long and steep descent down to Arles sur Tech. Despite brakes screeching all the way down the hill, they all made it down safely and happily, and set up camp by the river. From now on they plan to stay on flatter land, by the sea, doing a short distance most days; but they will stay in Arles until their slip-on horse shoes arrive.

If anyone should see them on their adventure, please drive by them slowly or even better; Stop and say Hi!

Bon voyage Yan & Lucia!