7 photos that will put Darnius Reservoir on your to-do list

Technically known as the Boadella Reservoir, this stunning feature is found just over the Spanish border near a small town called Darnius, roughly 25 minutes away from Figueres.


The route from La Taillede provides special views. A small lay-by gives you the opportunity to take some snaps over the Spanish countryside.

The reservoir is only an hour's drive from La Taillede and is the perfect day-trip for both adults and children. Take a dip in the clear water, read a book on the shore or even hire out a kayak if you're feeling adventurous.

Completed in 1969, the reservoir provides ample space for those wanting to enjoy the clear waters and mountainous scenery.

The sandy shoreline is the ideal spot for a picnic.

You'll also find a bar and restaurant (although the veggie options are limited) where you can have a full three-course meal or just pick up an ice-cream.


To get to Darnius Reservoir from La Taillede, follow the road all the way down to the bottom of the valley and turn right, following signs to Figueres. Shortly after passing through Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans (the home of the espadrille shoe), you'll cross the border. You want to follow signs to Pantà de Boadella.


Why not also do an afternoon trip to Pic de l'Estelle, a short hike with panoramic views.

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