Home sweet home & 'au revoir' donkeys!


After a very busy winter of renovations, bad weather and rather too much going on, we are feeling back on track and very happy to be back in our home. We have only moved back into the downstairs of our house as we still need a staircase and our bedroom & bathroom finishing, but we have a beautiful big farmhouse kitchen now (without a toilet in the dining area!) and a new bathroom downstairs. It was incredible to live in our biggest and rather luxurious holiday accommodation, Gite Canigou for 4 months, but we obviously need it to be available for rent, which it is again now. We had a fun dinner party the day we moved in to celebrate; La Taillede lamb curry with our own kale from the veggie garden, lovely!

Other news is, the donkeys left today! Yan and Lucia, who took care of them for us last summer fell in love with Fiona and Phoebe and the feeling was mutual. Yan and Lucia have a nomadic life which is much more fun for them than being here in a field most of the time. We have been taking care of their donkey, Martin over the winter and now they have found a plot of land where they intend to stay for a while, so they are walking back over the mountain with the 3 donkeys and 2 dogs. It should take them about 1 week.

We think Fiona is pregnant, and possibly Phoebe as well; we look forward to hearing their news and visiting them in their new home. They will live with Yan & Lucia and their other animals; 2 Norwegian fjord horses, various chickens, 2 dogs, a cat, 2 sheep and 2 Alpine goats. I feel a little sad to say goodbye but happy for them.

Au revoir Phoebe, Fiona and Martin!