Matt the hunter

Today was a proud day for Matt. He brought home our first ethical meat from the hunt. They shot a large wild boar (104kgs) and the meat was shared between all the hunters. With the boar and roe deer from his hunting, and our own mutton/lamb & chicken reared and slaughtered humanely at home, we aim to not buy commercial meat at all. We have started eating less meat; partly because we have so many lovely vegetables coming out of the garden, but also because we believe meat should be an occasional treat; to be enjoyed once or twice a week. When you rear your own meat, you can't ignore the effort involved and the fact that that animal died to feed the family; so it should be used sparingly.

Matt did his hunting licence recently, in French. He was a little nervous because only 50% of candidates pass. He got 100%; not bad for a foreigner!