Friends of La Taillede


This page is dedicated to the wonderful people who have come to stay here, to enjoy La Taillede with us and to help us in any way then can. We thank each of you for coming and for making our journey that bit less daunting. So, first to mention is Bob the builder. Friend of Nige & Gina, he comes to camp out in the caravan quite often & help us out with jobs mostly involving concrete & rendering. Lovely chap to have around and very good at what he does. Thanks Bob, and for managing without him, Dot.


Our first workawayers arrived last minute in their own camper van, March 2015. Eva, Robson (and dog Pedro) are an adventurous & slightly bonkers couple from the UK. A lot of fun & practical people who don't mind getting their hands dirty; the type that fit in well here! Robson happens to be an electrician.... so now we have light! Eva, Robson & Pedro, please come back soon!


We knew we would need some help in August (2015) with the kids during school holidays. Rebecca & Hannah got in touch so we welcomed them; Lovely, bright sisters from close to Loughborough, UK. They came for 3 weeks and helped Ali with kids, domestics, painting & gardening. They were great & lovely to have around; we all miss them. Thank you Becca & Hannah!


We had Adam and Bobbie from Yorkshire staying with us September-October 2015, and Adam's 3 massive male dogs! They arrived with their dogs, a chain saw, a chicken incubator, a dog cart and a whole load of stuff in a tiny van! They have since found and kept a baby dormouse, 2 lizards and 2 toads, some salamanders and 3 Praying Mantis!

Adam was our resident wildlife expert and is a keen hunter.  Bobbie is a lovely creative person, brilliant with the kids and loves animals.


Andrew lives 5 minutes away, in Corsavy village. He is a British, a forester by trade and has helped us fell a load of trees. He knows his stuff and he's fast! He and his wife Corinne and their 3 kids are great friends.


New addition to the team (Dec 2015) is David. Also British; has been working at another large property in Corsavy so has the skills we need! He has been helping Matt with fencing & land clearing. He lives locally with his Italian wife and 2 boys.


Dani & Luka are a lovely couple who arrived through 'Workaway' in December 2015. They were only supposed to stay 2 weeks... but never left! They are a great couple; Luka has taken over the saw and Dani the poly tunnel, but they are both very versatile, practical and lovely people who have become part of our family.


July 2016; Eva, Robson & Pedro came back for 3 weeks! Such a great team, with Dani & Luka too. We all loved every minute of their company.