Clochette and Josephine


We have been given 2 very tame Pyrenean goats! Clochette and Josephine are about 1 and a half years old and come from different herds, in the Ariege and Aude regions of France, but have been hand reared as family pets. We saw some Pyrenean goats at a fair in Arles sur Tech in May, and I have been keen to get some since then. It is a rare breed and a beautiful one, iconic of mountain areas. Apart from loving goats, we thought they would add interest for people coming on holiday here, and we may well start our own little 'troupeau' to help increase numbers of this wonderful breed.

Of course, we thought the electric fencing should keep them in the paddock next to the piggery, but within an hour, Clochette was on the roof of the piggery.

Once we had returned to the house, they had both got out and were trotting up behind us! At the moment we have nowhere to keep them so they are grazing around the house; we have removed any edible chairs, toys & potted plants and have the doors closed at all times; because they are very keen to come in the house!

They love to go for walks so in the mornings, I let them out of their bedroom in the piggery, and they trot behind me to let the chickens out. It's a lovely morning ritual.

We're having a few teething problems between carnivore dog Zac (German Shepherd/hunting dog) and the horned herbivores.... but it's getting better every day and hopefully soon they will be the best of friends!

Only 1 week later and dogs and goats are the best of friends; Zac has turned out to be a shepherding dog after all! We can take all four of them for a walk without problems...

This is Josephine finding a rock and a view, on a walk behind the house; view towards Batere.