Château de Montferrer

Château de Montferrer: 1035m

Distance: 8.5km

Difference in height: 250m approx

Time: 1h45 approx


The Château de Montferrer is a lovely walk only a short drive away from La Taillede. You can park your car in the centre of the village and then briefly head back the way you came, until you see a track on your left leading up the hill. The route goes right through the woods, and with autumn approaching, the leaves have started to fall and everything is a fantastic orange.

The chateau itself is an old ruin and stands at 1035m, apparently dating from 1070!Most of it has crumbled away but the walls that are still standing are beautifully covered in ivy. You can look out over the village and then finish the rest of the loop back down to where you started, maybe even enjoying a post-walk coffee at the local cafe. 

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