Accommodation for friends & 'workaway' helpers


Our first independent guest accommodation is finished! This is the cabin, in a paddock just below the house.

For those who don't know what a 'workawayer' is, it is basically a website that allows people like us with properties like this to meet people who want to come and be part of it with us. They are our guests, we provide them with somewhere to stay and we feed them for a few weeks to a few months. In return they help us for a few hours each working day with whichever job they are willing to tackle; from general domestics to forestry, fencing and planting vegetables. It's a lovely way for us to get to know interesting people and to get much needed help without it breaking the bank.

So, back to the cabin; It is an old mobile home, which has been there for years; but it needed a lot of TLC to make it habitable. The terrace, loo & shower was all built out of our own wood. It took a bit more time than  expected to get everything done for our first guests, 'workawayers' and UK students, James & Natasha. They seem happy though! They are busy building their composter, BBQ area and doing some finishing touches to the interior.

Matt built a dry compost loo and it has the best shower on the property at the moment, with it's fabulous gas heater & great pressure. Also, being furthest away from the children, it's certainly the most peaceful spot at La Taillede!

Funky wood burning stove
Funky wood burning stove

By the summer of 2016, we also hope to have completed the 2 one-bedroom apartments on the lowest level of the right hand side of the main building. These are also initially for the use of workawayers/builders/friends.